Adrien Bartoli

Faculté de Médecine, Bât. 3C
28, place Henri Dunant
BP 38
63001 Clermont-Ferrand cedex


Endoscopy and Computer Vision group (a follow-up of ALCoV)
Member of Institut Pascal (UMR6602), CNRS, UCA and CHU de Clermont-Ferrand

Email: Adrien [dot] Bartoli [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: +33 (0)473 178 123 (landline)
+33 (0)674 878 501 (mobile)

I'm a Professor of Computer Science at Université Clermont Auvergne and a member of Institut Universitaire de France. I'm leading the EnCoV research group jointly with gynecologist surgeon Prof. Michel Canis. My main research interests are deformable 3D reconstruction in computer vision and computer-aided diagnostic and surgery. Read more in my formal bio.

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Workshop on Fundamental and Applied 3D Computer Vision
This one day workshop will take place in Clermont-Ferrand in Honor of Richard I. Hartley who has been holding a Chair of Excellence for two years. The registration is free and there'll be a quality programme! Send me an email to register. Co-organized with Christophe Tilmant from IP. [more]
  August, 2011
Tutorial on 3D Surface Reconstruction in Laparoscopic Surgery @ MICCAI'11
I will be lecturing in this tutorial organized by Peter Mountney (Siemens), Dan Stoyanov (UCL) and Lena Meier-Hein (DKFZ) [more]

May, 2011
Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-Rigid World @ ICCV'11
We are proud to announce that we'll give a full-day tutorial at ICCV'11! details coming soon... [more]


February, 2011
SfM-SfX - Structure à partir du mouvement et d'autres indices visuels : état de l'art et évolution du domaine
This one-day workshop will be held in Paris on april 12, 2011. [more]


December, 2010
NORDIA'11 - Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
This workshop will be held in Conjunction with CVPR'11.

December, 2010
Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-Rigid World @ SCIA'11
This half-day tutorial is the third edition in a series of tutorials on the theme of deformable 3D reconstruction in computer vision. The recent approaches to Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion and template-based reconstruction form a basis for the contents that also address the key problem of deformable image registration. [more]

November, 2010
Second Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-Rigid World @ IIT
This two day tutorial will be held in Genoa on Dec. 6-7. This tutorial presents recent computer vision techniques to deal with the challenging scenario of the inference and registration of a non-rigid object shape from a set of images taken by a camera. This problem is nowadays of central interest in fields such as medical imaging analysis, video-surveillance and human motion modelling. [more]

July, 2009
3DPVT'10 will be held in Paris in May'10!
Check out the conference website for more details.

March, 2009
Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-Rigid World @ ISR
This full day tutorial will be held in Lisbon on Apr. 20. This tutorial presents recent computer vision techniques to deal with the challenging scenario of the inference and registration of a non-rigid object shape from a set of images taken by a camera. This problem is nowadays of central interest in fields such as medical imaging analysis, video-surveillance and human motion modelling. [more]

May, 2008
Tutorial on Vision for Robotics @ IROS'08
This full day tutorial will be held in Nice on Sep. 22. We aim to give a survey of recent developments in computer vision for robotics applications... [more]

May, 2008
3DPVT'08 - Int'l Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
This symposium was held in GeorgiaTech, Atlanta. See the website, including the online paper and video proceedings!

November 11, 2007
NORDIA'08 - Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
This workshop will be held in Conjunction with CVPR'08 in Anchorage, Alaska on June 27-28. Send your papers before March 15 through the website!

November 9, 2007
`Gestion des auto-occultations pour l'augmentation d'une surface déformable' receives the best student paper award at CORESA'07.

October, 2007
Tutorial at ISMAR'07: Computer Vision for AR: Rigid and Deformable Tracking using Markers and Scene Features
In this tutorial, we aim to give a survey of the most recent developments on visual tracking in Augmented Reality applications... [more]

October 6, 2006
DIRT - Direct Image Registration Toolkit - v1.1
Building on the dual inverse compositional algorithm we proposed, DIRT efficiently registers pairs of color or grey-level images by jointly computing a geometric and a photometric transformation... [more]

April, 2006
DEFORM'06 - Workshop on Image Registration in Deformable Environments
This workshop will be held at BMVC'06, Edinburgh, UK on the 8th of September 2006. Its aim is to bring together researchers from communities working on deformable surface registration: computer vision, medical imaging, augmented reality... [more]. See the on-line proceedings.


January, 2005
ORASIS'05 - Congrès francophone des jeune chercheurs en vision par ordinateur
ComSee organized the French conference for young researchers in Computer Vision close to Clermont-Ferrand in May 2006. See the on-line proceedings.

Some publications, by topics
Warning: I haven't updated this list in a while
The complete list however should be up to date

Image Registration, 3D Reconstruction and Image Augmentation for Laparoscopy and Other Types of Endoscopies
CARE'15  Using Shading to Register an Intraoperative CT Scan to a Laparoscopic Image
MICCAI'15  Segmenting the Uterus in Monocular Laparoscopic Images without Manual Input
IPMI'15  Automatic Detection of the Uterus and Fallopian Tube Junctions in Laparoscopic Images
CMIG'15  Mapping and Characterizing Endometrial Implants by Registering 2D Transvaginal Ultrasound to 3D Pelvic Magnetic Resonance Images
MIA'15  How Big is this Neoplasia? Live Colonoscopic Size Measurement using the Infocus-Breakpoint
TMI'15 Comparative Validation of Single-shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3D Surface Reconstruction
ISMAR'14 Computer-Aided Laparoscopic Myomectomy by Augmenting the Uterus with Pre-operative MRI Data
ISBI'14 Live Image Parsing in Uterine Laparoscopy
IRBE'14 Multimodal and Multimedia Image Analysis and Collaborative Networking for Digestive Endoscopy
TBME'13 Combining Conformal Deformation and Cook-Torrance Shading for 3D Reconstruction in Laparoscopy
MIA'13 Optical Techniques for 3D Surface Reconstruction in Computer-assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
MIAR'13 Realtime Wide-Baseline Registration of the Uterus in Monocular Laparoscopic Videos 
ABD'13 Contour-Based TVUS-MR Image Registration for Mapping Small Endometrial Implants
EMBC'13  Enhanced Imaging Colonoscopy Facilitates Dense Motion-Based 3D Reconstruction 
ISBI'13 Mapping Endometrial Implants by 2D/2D Registration of TVUS to MR Images from Point Correspondences
ISBI'13 Shape-from-Polarization in Laparoscopy
MedHyp'12 Computer Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: Is Medical Computer Vision the Answer to Improving Laparosurgery?
AE-CAI'12 Estimating the Cook-Torrance BRDF Parameters In-Vivo from Laparoscopic Images
MICCAI'12 3D Reconstruction in Laparoscopy with Close-Range Photometric Stereo
WBIR'12 Tracking by Detection for Interactive Image Augmentation in Laparoscopy
IPCAI'12  Live Monocular 3D Laparoscopy using Shading and Specularity Information
IPCAI'12 Template-Based Conformal Shape-from-Motion-and-Shading for Laparoscopy
MIUA'11 Deformable Shape-from-Motion in Laparoscopy using a Rigid Sliding Window
MIUA'11 Template-Based Conformal Shape-from-Motion from Registered Laparoscopic Images

Deformable Model Complexity Tuning and Estimation
(applied to computer vision ; cross-validation, L-Tangent Norm, etc.)

Ad hoc warp complexity selection:
WBIR'12 Constant Flow Sampling: A Method to Automatically Select the Regularization Parameter in Image Registration
VMV'10 Pixel-Based Hyperparameter Selection for Feature-Based Image Registration
  We compute the M-estimator's scale, the warp's number of control points and the smoothing weight by combining feature-based and pixel-based approaches! we also have a finite step sampling scheme for the regularization weight.

Cross-validation for Linear Least Squares:
IJCV'09 On Computing the Prediction Sum of Squares Statistic in Linear Least Squares Problems with Multiple Parameter or Measurement Sets
JMIV'08 Maximizing the Predictivity of Smooth Deformable Image Warps Through Cross-Validation

Cross-validation for Nonlinear Least Squares:
ECCV'08 Efficient Camera Smoothing in Sequential Structure-from-Motion using Approximate Cross-Validation

The L-Tangent Norm criterion:
3DPVT'08 L-Tangent Norm: A Low Computational Cost Criterion for Choosing Regularization Weights and its Use for Range Surface Reconstruction


Warps: Image Deformation Modeling
(thin-plate splines, free-form deformations, etc.)
ECCV'14 Schwarps: Locally Projective Image Warps Based on 2D Schwarzian Derivatives
IJCV'10 Generalized Thin-Plate Spline Warps
BMVC'07 Feature-Driven Direct Non-Rigid Image Registration
CVPR'04 Augmenting Images of Non-Rigid Scenes Using Point and Curve Correspondences


  Simultaneous Deformable Image Registration and 3D Reconstruction

(joint image matching and 3D surface recovery)
ECCV'14  Using Isometry to Classify Correct/Incorrect 3D-2D Correspondences
BMVC'13 Isowarp and Conwarp: Warps that Exactly Comply with Weak-Perspective Projection of Deforming Objects for 3D Reconstruction 
ETFS'13 Image Registration Algorithm for Molecular Tagging Velocimetry Applied in Hele-Shaw Cell
4DMOD'11 A Pixel-Based Approach to Template-Based Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces


Deformable Surface Registration
(matching, feature- and pixel-based registration, etc.)
BMVC'13  Combining Features and Intensity for Wide-Baseline Non-Rigid Surface Registration 
IJCV'12 Feature-Based Non-Rigid Surface Detection with Self-Occlusion Reasoning
IJCV'11 Feature-Driven Direct Non-Rigid Image Registration
PAMI'09 Direct Estimation of Non-Rigid Registrations with Image-Based Self-Occlusion Reasoning
BMVC'08 Contour-Based Registration and Retexturing of Cartoon-Like Videos
BMVC'04 Direct Estimation of Non-Rigid Registrations


Shape-from-Template (SfT) and Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion (NRSfM)
(low-rank shape model, paper surface, template-based, etc.)
PAMI'15 Shape-from-Template
ISMAR'15 Realtime Shape-from-Template: System and Applications (demo)
ICCV'15 As-Rigid-As-Possible Volumetric Shape-from-Template
CVPR'15 Shape-from-Template in Flatland
CVPR'15 A Linear Least-Squares Solution to Elastic Shape-from-Template
CVIU'14  Monocular Template-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction: Convex Inextensible and Nonconvex Isometric Methods
BMVC'14  Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion for Isometric Surfaces using Infinitesimal Planarity
CVPR'14  Stable Template-Based Isometric 3D Reconstruction in All Imaging Conditions by Linear Least-Squares
ICCV'13  A Robust Analytical Solution to Isometric Shape-from-Template with Focal Length Calibration
CVPR'13  Template-Based Isometric Deformable 3D Reconstruction with Sampling-Based Focal Length Self-Calibration 
CVPR'13  Monocular Template-Based 3D Reconstruction of Extensible Surfaces with Local Linear Elasticity 
BMVC'12 Deformable 3D Reconstruction with an Object Database
CAVW'12 A Computational Model of Bounded Developable Surfaces with Application to Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
ICCV'11 Multiview 3D Warps
VMV'10 Locally Affine and Planar Deformable Surface Reconstruction from Video
CVIU'14 Monocular Template-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction: Convex Inextensible and Nonconvex Isometric Methods
IJCV'11 Monocular Template-Based Reconstruction of Inextensible Surfaces
ECCV'10 Sequential Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with the 3D-Implicit Low-Rank Shape Model
NORDIA'08 Template-Based Paper Reconstruction from a Single Image is Well Posed when the Rulings are Parallel
CVPR'08 Coarse-to-Fine Low-Rank Structure-from-Motion
JMIV'08 Implicit Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with Priors
CVIU'05 The Geometry of Dynamic Scenes - On Coplanar and Convergent Linear Motions Embedded in 3D Static Scenes
WDV'05 A Batch Algorithm For Implicit Non-Rigid Shape and Motion Recovery
WDV'05 Estimating the Pose of a 3D Sensor in a Non-Rigid Environment



Other Work
(Procrustes analyis, TOF cameras, phase shift, keypoints, etc.)
IET-CV'15  Noise Modeling in TOF Sensors with Application to Depth Noise Removal and Uncertainty Estimation in 3D Measurement
BMVC'13  Fast Explicit Diffusion for Accelerated Features in Nonlinear Scale Spaces 
SCIA'13  Industrial Phase-Shifting Profilometry in Motion
ECCV'12 KAZE Features
BMVC'12 Depth Correction for Depth Cameras From Planarity
QU3ST'12 Noise Modelling and Uncertainty Propagation for TOF Sensors
3DIMPVT'12 Calibrating an Optical See-Through Rig with Two Non-Overlapping Cameras: the Virtual Camera Framework
IJCV'13 Stratified Generalized Procrustes Analysis
ICIP'12 Non-Parametric Depth Calibration of a TOF Camera
CVPR'11 Global Optimization for Optimal Generalized Procrustes Analysis
MIUA'11 3D Medical Image Enhancement based on Wavelet Transforms
WMVC'11 Closed-Form Solutions to Multiple-View Homography Estimation
3DPVT'10 Single-View Perspective Shape-from-Texture with Focal Length Estimation


Image Registration, Optical Flow, Active Appearance Models, Matching
(inverse composition, light invariance, faces, etc.)
ECCV'14 An Analysis of Errors in Graph-based Keypoint Matching and Proposed Solutions
ICCV'13 A General Dense Image Matching Framework Combining Direct and Feature-based Costs
VMV'10 Direct Image Registration without Region of Interest
BMVC'08 Pools of AAMs: Towards Automatically Fitting Any Face Image
PAMI'08 Groupwise Geometric and Photometric Direct Image Registration
CVPR'08 Light-Invariant Fitting of Active Appearance Models
BMVC'07 Segmented AAMs Improve Person-Independent Face Fitting
SCIA'07 Shadow Resistant Direct Image Registration
3DIM'07 Joint Reconstruction and Registration of a Deformable Planar Surface Observed by a 3D Sensor
CAVW'04 Motion Panoramas


(Rigid) Structure-from-Motion for Points
(fundamental matrix, bundle adjustment, etc.)
CVIU'15 Metric Corrections of the Affine Camera
JMIV'15 Rank-Constrained Fundamental Matrix Estimation by Polynomial Global Optimization Versus the Eight-Point Algorithm
ECCV'12 Global Optimization of Object Pose and Motion from a Single Rolling Shutter Image with Automatic 2D-3D Matching
3DPVT'10 Bi-Objective Bundle Adjustment With Application to Multi-Sensor SLAM
3DPVT'10 A Generic Rolling Shutter Camera Model and its Application to Dynamical Pose Estimation
ICCV'09 Is Dual Linear Self-Calibration Artificially Ambiguous?
BMVC'09 Algebraic Line Search for Bundle Adjustment
WMVC'09 Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Point Matching Using Geometric Cues Only
ECCV'08 Efficient Camera Smoothing in Sequential Structure-from-Motion using Approximate Cross-Validation
CVPR'07 Algorithms for Batch Matrix Factorization with Application to Structure-from-Motion
CVPR'07 On Constant Focal Length Self-Calibration From Multiple Views
IJCV'06 Affine Approximation for Direct Batch Recovery of Euclidean Motion From Sparse Data
Handling Missing Data in the Computation of 3D Affine Transformations
PAMI'04 Non-Linear Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix With Minimal Parameters


(Rigid) Structure-from-Motion for Lines
(triangulation, points-on-line, etc.)
IVC'07 Triangulation for Points on Lines
CVPR'07 Kinematics From Lines in a Single Rolling Shutter Image
CVIU'05 Structure-From-Motion Using Lines: Representation, Triangulation and Bundle Adjustment
ECCV'04 A Framework For Pencil-of-Points Structure-From-Motion
IJCV'04 The 3D Line Motion Matrix and Alignment of Line Reconstructions
CVPR'03 Motion From 3D Line Correspondences: Linear and Non-Linear Solutions


(Rigid) Structure-from-Motion for Planes
(piecewise planar scenes, segmentation, etc.)
IJCV'14 Infinitesimal Plane-Based Pose Estimation
CVIU'07 A Random Samping Strategy For Piecewise Planar Scene Segmentation
IJCV'03 Constrained Structure and Motion From Multiple Uncalibrated Views of a Piecewise Planar Scene


(Rigid) Structure-from-Motion for Curves
(triangulation, quality control, etc.)
WISP'07 Adaptive Evolution of 3D Curves for Quality Control
Energy-Based Reconstruction of 3D Curves for Quality Control
SCIA'07 Reconstruction of 3D Curves for Quality Control