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Image Registration – 2D, 3D, Rigid and Deformable Scenes

Latest version (to be taught at the University of Verona). An earlier version has been taught at the University of Copenhagen.

3D Computer Vision

Most recent version (but partial) taught at the University of Alcala in 2011
Master class, University of Copenhagen, DIKU (Department of Computer Science)

I've been giving this class in the academic year 2006/2007 and will teach a new version in 2008/2009 with S. Olsen.
More on this webpage (here is the 2006/2007 webpage).

Visual Geometry For 3D Computer Vision

Master MSIR (ex-VIRO), University Clermont II

I've been giving this class ever year since the academic year 2004/2005.
More on this webpage (in French).

Structure-from-Motion: 3D Feature and Camera Reconstruction from Multiple Images of a Rigid Scene

Invited Short Master-level Lecture, Technical University of Munich, Germany, Feb. 2006 and Feb. 2007

This is a 1:30 lecture in English, held within Prof. Navab's 3D Vision class. Check out my slides. The lecture overviews uncalibrated Structure-from-Motion techniques, including factorization, sequential and hierarchical processes and camera self-calibration.

Computer Vision: An Overview

Invited Short Lecture Within the Master of Mechatronics at University Clermont II, France, Jan. 2006 and Feb. 2007

This is a 2 lecture course with a total of 4 hours in French. Check out my slides:

It covers uncalibrated Structure-from-Motion and mosaicing with dynamic foreground / static background segmentation.

Uncalibrated 3D Vision

Invited Short Doctoral-level Lecture at University Montpellier II, France, Mar. 2005 and Mar. 2007

This is a 3 hour course in French, covering uncalibrated Structure-from-Motion and a bit of image registration in deformable environments using Thin-Plate Splines. Check out my slides.